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About us

Organic food is very popular and good for health these days.
About Us
Horizon Industries Private Limited was established on March 16, 2012 as a privately held company. With a universal incorporation number, its primary objective is to offer affordable prices for safe and premium-quality chicken products. The company aims to ensure customer satisfaction by providing products that meet high standards of safety and quality. Horizon Industries focuses on making chicken products accessible to a wider consumer base without compromising on their safety and excellence. By combining affordability and quality, the company aims to become a leading provider in the market.
Our Vision:
To achieve the status of being Pakistan's preferred egg producer.
Our Mission:
Our goal is to produce eggs of exceptional quality by nourishing hens with a nutritious vegetarian feed. This approach ensures that our eggs serve as a safe, natural, and economical source of daily protein and other essential nutrients for individuals. We prioritize meeting the nutritional needs of human beings while maintaining the highest standards of safety and natural production methods.
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